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About us

At Braun, we believe that trees are good for people. We also believe that quality products are good for business. These two concepts, when combined, are the reason Braun is in business.

As a company, Braun Garden Products was developed as a way to respond to today’s over-expectant consumer. These days, there’s an overwhelming amount of garden products, decor and topiary available for garden center owners and managers to choose from. At Braun, our goal is to simplify this by offering exciting, unique and on-trend garden products for garden centers across North America.

And our products sell. With a customer-first attitude, we’ve developed inspiring product lines that delight today’s demanding consumers. It’s also led to exciting innovations like our newest product, Mother Nurture, a completely natural additive which helps plants and trees to develop incredibly strong root systems — so they can withstand drought and transplanting with ease.

Put our expertise and passion to work for you. We help growers, distributors and garden centers save money, make money and rise to meet the challenges of the marketplace.

Our Sales Team

  • Paull Hopping

    Paull Hopping


  • Anne Bussière

    Anne Bussière

    Quebec Sales

  • Amadeu Pacheco

    Amadeu Pacheco

    Sales Manager

  • Dave Braun


Our Story

Braun’s story begins when the Braun family opened a garden center and landscaping business on Upper James Street in Hamilton, ON in the 1950s.

In order to supply trees for the business, a tree nursery was soon started. Through the leadership of Frank’s son Peter, the landscape business grew considerably and the garden center was sold. During this time, Peter made a significant impact in the nursery industry with the invention of the continuous-wire basket.

As the wire basket business flourished, the landscaping business began to wind down. Braun then started manufacturing small wire baskets and moss liners, selling these and hanging baskets to garden centers. Our hanging baskets are seen throughout Canada and the United States, from Disney World to the White House. Today, we’ve transformed our hanging basket department into a full line of garden products. And most recently, we’ve added Mother Nurture, a mycorrhizae product that helps plants survive traumatic transplants or drought.